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The two people with big titles (Managing Partner) at VC are Rajeev Gupta & Manohar Kamath.  You will most probably find them on the shop floor, or in a bus talking to customers, or in a college cafeteria, or in an FGD…

Rajeev Gupta


Rajeev has a stellar track record as the former Managing Director and President of Fujitsu Consulting, India which he built up from 300 employees to a strength of 3000 plus across India and the Middle East. Previously, with HP, he set up technology in over 50 countries.

Beyond his formal education, Rajeev also grew up in a household that witnessed the growth of Bollywood from the heyday of the studio systems to its present avatar. With his father involved in film production, Rajeev had a behind the scenes glimpse of the wheeling and dealing, and the reality behind the glamorous facade.

Manohar Kamath


Manohar has always been an entrepreneur. During his college days he worked on event management and later helped NGOs raise funds. The only time he took a break from being an entrepreneur was when he worked for Lehman Brothers after completing his MBA from Vanderbilt University. Prior to founding Venture Curators, Manohar set up Career Vidya Labs in Pune and The Whiteboarding Company.

Dynamic and full of curiosity, Manohar is deeply interested in history, culture and sociology. Having been raised in a house where publishing was the mainstay, Manohar still hopes to work with print media at some point.